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شنبه 28 آبان‌ماه سال 1384 ساعت 03:23 ب.ظ
بوسیله این برنامه بصورت کاملا پنهان در اینترنت گشت و گذار کنید.در زمان استفاده از این برنامه IP آدرس شما در هر ثانیه تغییر میکنه و مانع از شناسایی شما میشه. در ضمن این ورژن تفاوتهای زیادی نسبت به نسخه قبلی داشته که عبارتند از:

- Map of the world showing your camouflage location. Live! You can track how your proxy server changes.
- Direct access out of the Internet Explorer. Easy to use thanks to the plug in.
- Password-protected list of favorites. Your favorite Web sites remain private.
- You can select the browser: Anonymous Web surfing works with all browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla...
- NEW: Now with Steganos Update Wizard: stay automatically up-to-date!
- Anonymous on the Net at the click of a button: You change identity every second
- NEW: Even more secure and convenient: With danger filter and Steganos ProxyScout for faster anonymous surfing. Use only the best servers - invisibility guaranteed!
- NEW: With Proxy Server optimization function. Automatically adapt the server list to your personal location: for highest possible connection speed!
- Web cam anonymization: Be anonymous in video chats!
-NEW: The integrated Steganos Internet Trace Destructor™ deletes 150 Internet and work traces - automatically if you wish. With Internet Trace Destructor 6.5: Deletes even more traces: Cache, Cookies, Internet Explorer, AOL, T-Online, Office. Now also supports KaZaA, Opera, Mozilla, ICQ and more!
- Now also contains the Deep Cleaning Shredder: Removes unwanted data from your hard drive without a trace
- The tried-and-tested Data Shredder now also with the Gutmann method, if required: data is overwritten 35 times!
- NEW: Now with progress bar
- NEW: Even more convenient: automatically shut down the computer after the trace destruction
- Map of the world with location indicator - You can trace how your camouflage server changes
- Direct access to Internet Explorer - Easy to use thanks to the plug-in
- Password-protected list of favorites - Your favorite Websites can remain private
- Very easy to use: Just one click is all it takes!
- Ideal for: Family PCs, online banking and brokerage, chat rooms, erotic websites, online recruitment sites, PC repairs, sales and hire.
- Also includes: Cookie management and XP Privacy

Download: Steganos Internet An 8.0.1onym Pro™ 2006
Download: C.R.A.C
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